Happy Jingle Clients
The COOLEST things happen to Our Customers:

At Radio Jingles And TV Jingles we get the coolest reaction from people when they first hear the custom demo for their new Radio or TV Jingle. And, it usually begins with, “I LOVE IT!”

“I LOVE MY REDHOT RadioJinglesAndTVJingles JINGLE”

We’re going to make you smile. I guarantee it.

Whether you’re huge airline like AmericaWest Airlines, or an independent walk in clinic like Sevierville, Tennessee’s Smoky Mountain Urgent Care, our job is to get people singing your tune. Because if they’ll sing your song, chances are they buy what you’re selling.

In over 30 years of writing advertising jingles and commercials for clients of all sizes, we’ve been challenged to come up with catchy and memorable melodies and hooks for all kinds of products and services. Here’s a list of a few types of jingles that we’ve produced:

And it’s not always easy to come up with the perfect radio or TV jingle. But for the most part, it’s always been fun.

Sometimes our larger professional partners at major ad agencies give us tons of background information, specific target objectives, a list of key words or phrases, even create a human persona for their clients. These sophisticated marketing tactics often give our writers and composer plenty of fuel for the creative fire.

Then, sometimes, a small independent client may provide nothing more than, “I want something catchy with our name in it”, or, “can you sing our phone number?”

It’s our job to take “whatever we’re given”, no matter how basic or unrefined, and turn it into gold.

Here’s a little feedback from a couple of recently satisfied customers:

Smoky Mountain Urgent Care said:
“It is fantastic!”
Smoky Mountain Urgent Care
HallMark Automotive Group said:
“What a Product!”
HallMark Letter

Here is a partial list of radio and TV jingle clients we’ve served:

  • A1 Rent-a-Car
  • Action Toyota
  • America West Airlines
  • Bart Starr Lincoln Mercury
  • Birmingham Trust National Bank
  • Cellular One Phones
  • El Chico Mexican Restaurants
  • Food World
  • Golbro Catalog Showrooms
  • Home Savings & Loan
  • Hot Springs Auto Wash
  • Hummingbird Fish Finders
  • Ice Follies & Holiday On Ice
  • Ingram Industries
  • Jim Burke Buick
  • L & N Seafood Restaurants
  • Mercury Records
  • MetroBank
  • Mr. Gatti’s Pizza
  • Muse Air
  • Parisians
  • Reelfoot Meats
  • Registry Hotels
  • Ringling Bros. & Barnum & Bailey Circus
  • Santa Fe Cantinas
  • Science Diet
  • Shakespeare Rods & Reels
  • St. Thomas Hospital
  • Sunbeam Bread
  • Tom Mann Baits
  • Vietti Chilie
  • Zigler Meats