How it Works

Marty Morgan and sibling Lorrie Morgan

The brother and sister team of Marty and Lorrie Morgan recorded their first jingle project while both siblings were still in their teens. They are still making great music for country music and commercial clients some 30 years later. (Shown here performing a duet for FEED THE CHILDREN music CD in the late 90’s)

The Jingle Creation Process

How It Works.
How to make a jingle.

People ask us all the time: how do you make a jingle? If I decide I want to have a jingle created, what’s the process? Where do we start? And how does it all come together? I don’t even know where to begin.

Fortunately we do

So, okay, Let discuss how it works.

IT doesn’t begin with a musical note, or a chord on the piano, or even a cleverly turned phrase.

It starts with INPUT. (the stuffing you stuff into our brain). Then before we really get started, we review the input. We outline what we think are your goals and objectives with the jingle you want created. We then begin our concept development.

Next, we create a demo (a simplified “demo-nstration” of what your song will sound like) with moderate instrumental accompaniment and a vocal performance of the lyrics sung to recommended melody. In other words, we sing your jingle with a guitar or piano to show you what we’re thinking. You now have the opportunity to approve or request revisions to the demo. After that, we move to full blown production once your approval and/or revisions have been made. At this point you have typically agreed to the recommended lyrics or words to your song. Now it’s time to discuss the arrangement, musical style, singers, genre, various lengths and versions you will need. Once the song has been performed and recorded with full production, we let you listen again before we do final mixes and masters of the session. During these processes will have provided you with an SOW or Statement of Work outlining the specific requirements of your jingle project or sound design and will have clarified both party’s responsibilities regarding payments and deliverables. Next thing you know, you are ready to share your jingle with the world.

So let’s look at a few of the key stages in Jingle Creation and Production.


Our discovery process is a practiced series of questions and a general discussion about your needs, your budget, your audience, your expectation, and yes, an explanation of sorts describing what it is exactly that we do.

We ask:
Who do you want to reach?
What do you want to say to them?
What do you want them leave with?
How old is your target market? What sex?
What education level?
What is your USP (your Unique Selling Proposition)?
What makes you different from everyone else?
Do you have current tag, slogan line or advertising theme?
Are there mandates that must be communicated in your jingle message?
Is this jingle for TV, radio, both, other uses as wells? (such as in-store, on-hold messaging, websites, videos, tradeshow events, etc)
What market or markets will you broadcast your message?

Once we feel like we’ve asked a really good set of preliminary questions, we review those with you to make sure our understanding is accurate. Then the fun part begins.

The Creative Concept Stage is affiliate service of THE REDHOT JINGLE COMPANY. As one of Nashville’s most respected jingle services, our team of professionals come from various fields of expertise related to the business. We have experienced musicians, composers, advertising writers, audio engineers, season producers, vocal performers and top level marketing directors to help us digest your needs and input, and begin to formulate a strategy and clearly defined objectives for your composition.

Frequently a “creative brief” is developed to set the tone, personality and key ingredients or messaging component that will be featured.

Here begins the magic of music composition. Ideas are tossed about. A few key words are focused on. A melody or tune is devised. A hook, or several hook possibilities, are considered.
During this idea incubation stage a myriad of ideas, or as few as one, may be nurtured along until it eventually becomes a “little song” so to speak. It’s repeated over and over. Sung and resung. Rephrased. Played on the guitar or piano. Tweaked. Massaged. Written. And, rewritten. And then, it usually is left for a while, like bread in the oven…to rise.

Once the creative team “blesses” or signs off on the song idea and hook with proposed lyrics and melody, it is ready to be “DEMOED”.

Making a Demo – A Mixed Bag of Bells and Whistles

Our version of a demo is this. Without incurring much expense we want to demonstrate or “show you” what your sung jingle is going to sound “like”. It can be as simple as an elaborate work tape or a sophisticated mini-production of your “song” or “soundtrack”.
We generally are only interested in taking it to a level that is just adequate or complete enough to let you, the client, “GET THE IDEA”. Sometimes this means several different instruments to support the tune and one, or several, singer to demonstrate the vocal arrangement. At other times, we may employ a full band with multiple singers to generate your “demo”.

At REDHOT and our affiliate Jingle Production Services such as RADIOJINGLESANDTVJINGLES.COM we take great pride in producing demos that get the point across, and, sound great. So much so, that our demos are frequently mistaken for the finished product. But remember, in order to provide you with low cost, quality demos we ONLY take the sound as far as needed to help you GET THE IDEA. So, sometimes that’s a simple piano or guitar with vocal work tape and sometimes it’s a “mini-production.
Once you hear the demo and like it, we are ready for the full production phase.

Taking a Jingle, Sound Track, or Theme Song to Full Production.
Jingle Studio 1

It’s time to record in the big studio. Time to pick the perfect singer. Time to decide how many and what types of instruments to be included. Who’s the best musician for the particular sound we are after. It’s time for bringing that Music City polish to the rough gem that is about to become a sparkling jewel.

Now is when we select the best microphones and filters. Fine tune the arrangement. Hire a session leader. Have the song charted. Lay down the rhythm tracks. Over dub the solo instruments. Perform mistake free vocals. Add harmonies and background vocals if called for.

We might call in second vocalist. Redo a part. Stretch a chord. Remove a beat. Add a note. Change the timing. And much more. All of the things that make a song for commercial radio play or CD sales are the same things we do to make a sonically superior jingle or sound creation for your business.

When all the components are recorded, it’s mix time.

Mixing the Ingredients into the Pie.
A Jingle pie that is. Well, ok it’s not really a pie. But mixing makes the difference.

Once everything is tracked and recorded, it’s time for one of the most critical components of record production or jingle production. During THE MIX phase our goal is to squeeze the very best sound out of everyone’s performances and blend them into a perfectly complimentary “mix”. This can mean auto tuning minutely off-key notes, adjusting sound compression, reverb, EQ, treble, bass, hi’s and lows, inputting filtering devices, cleaning tracks of hisses, crackles, pops and fuzz.

In reality, mixing is a fine art and a science that requires that both the producer and the engineer or sound techs be totally in sync with each other and attuned to all the minute details, as well as the big picture. This is the phase of blending and balancing that separates the pros from the amateurs. This is where the dynamics of sound are brought to full capacity, and where the separation of instrumentation from singing is achieved to deliver sonic performances that clearly and distinctively resonate with pleasure to our audio sensory perception.

Once it is mixed, all sounds from our studios, whether they are commercial jingles for TV or radio, sports marketing music, theme songs for shows or sound design for other purposes, are put thru a special hi-tech mastering process designed to get as much signal and sound that is available for transference to the human ear. When this is complete, your music project or jingle gets our final seal of approval and is now truly ready for delivery to your desk.

We hope that helps you understand how we do what we do. And if it was a bit technical or complicated, don’t worry. We’ll handle the details.