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In the theater of the mind known as radio advertising, music and song are the scenery, backdrop, lighting and movement that make messages come to life. When you add music to messaging, and shape it into a song, there is an exponentially greater power to attract, persuade and commit to memory.

We are a Professional Jingle and Commercial Production Company based in Nashville, Tennessee. Our custom sung Jingles for advertisers, radio stations, sports franchises and mass marketing events are used to attract new customers, build brand loyalty and introduce new products and services.

From our studios in Music City, USA, Radio and TV Jingles are all about bringing your message musically to life.

Our talented team of composers and musicians write and produce original advertising jingles, audio identity packages, themed team songs for sports organizations, show theme songs and commercial campaigns for radio markets all over the US. Our specialty, in other words, is music for marketing and sonic branding.

We have 4 major independent studios* where the majority of our music and commercial projects are recorded. Our team of singers and musicians are among the best in the industry. And our talent is not just rich, but deep and diverse. Many radio jingle services utilize the same few singers and musicians on all of their projects. The result: it all sounds the same.

We challenge you to listen to our samples and note what wide variety of singers, vocal styles we employ. You will hear the same singers on occasion because it is hard not to use the best of the best. But, you will seldom hear them sounding the same or singing the same. From jazzy up beat synchronic sound to techno pop or rockin country, we’re out to bring you a one of kind sound!

We believe a radio jingle has certain criteria that must be met.


  • Catchy and memorable
  • Sonically equal or better than the commercial music of the times
  • Easy to hear and easy to understand
  • Meet the stated objective for which it was produced
  • Break through the clutter of messages on the airwaves
  • Give listeners reason to think about it AND REMEMBER IT

When we began this business of making radio and TV jingles over 30 years ago, we made a commitment to build and produce radio spots, custom commercials and world quality jingles that people talk about, hum along to, and actually enjoy. 30 years later we still believe the jingle we create for you should be the best jingle money can buy.

You can count on Radio Jingles and TV Jingles to:

  1. Amplify your message
  2. Give it originality
  3. Simplify and personify your brand
  4. Deliver a memorable melody and a catchy hook
  5. Offer music for marketing that is affordable and timeless
  6. Provide the highest quality sound (sonic integrity)
  7. Be unique in every aspect

Radio, as you know, is a medium without visuals. It relies solely on the sense of auditory perception to tell your story and evoke emotion. It is sound stage without cameras, actors or stage props. A theater without pictures and the scenery consists only of sound. That doesn’t mean it is resigned to be boring, dull and uncolorful.

On the contrary, due to the inherent nature of radio it is place where imagination must be at its sharpest, images must be painted on the canvas of the mind and emotion conveyed on the strings of violin, the keys of piano or the notes of a perfectly sung word.

From happy and funky, to lighthearted and fun, from over dramatic to over simplistic the music of Radio Jingles and TV Jingles is geared to drive home your message and be played back over and over again automatically in the theater of the mind.

*independent studios give us wide range of flexibility, lower overhead for savings we pass on to you, and broader variety of sound personalities to help keep our products fresh and one-of-a-kind.

Primary Nashville Studios Featured On Radio Jingles
Red Alert (Gallatin, TN) – Owner Shawn Conley
Hyatt Productions – Owner Buddy Hyatt
Jay’s Place Recording – Owner Jay Vernali
The Tracking Room